Politics is ethics writ large.
– Aristotle, Politics

The question is not who is right. It is who is right about what.
– Anthony Weston, Practical Companion to Ethics

Ethics and You
If ethics is “how we ought to live” (Socrates) and politics is “ethics writ large” (Aristotle), then most aspects of our private and public lives have some ethical dimension to explore. For this reason, individuals and groups may seek out an ethics consultant.

As an ethics consultant, I can help you and your organization better understand the ethical challenges and opportunities before you. Together we can identify your ethical concerns, clarify options for addressing them, and evaluate which policy or course of action is best.

Most importantly, ethics must be more than abstract theory. It should provide practical guidance on how to improve our lives, coexist with others, and protect our world. So I do not tell you what to think or how to act. Rather, I share the skills of ethical reasoning to enable you and your group to think and act ethically on your own.

I offer a variety of services that meet a wide range of needs and interests. From keynote speeches and radio interviews, to white-papers and meeting facilitation, if it has an ethical edge then I can probably be of help.


The services noted above have many applications for helping you and your organization describe, explain, justify and/or evaluate the moral issues you grapple with.


Practical Approach
Five features distinguish my distinctive approach to ethics.

Practical — An open-minded, welcoming, and non-dogmatic approach to ethics.
Grounded — Ethical solutions rooted in real-life cases, not abstract theory.
Education — A doctoral degree and career emphasizing ethics.
Expertise — Knowledge gleaned from over a decade of research, instructional design, executive management, and public speaking.
Experience — A long history of working with organizations in the public and private sectors.

Select Clients
Annenberg Foundation
Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks
Defenders of Wildlife
Humane Society of the United States
International Fund for Animal Welfare
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
National Wildlife Federation
Organization of Wildlife Planners
US Fish and Wildlife Service

Continuing Education
Continuing education credits can be arranged for some services.

References are available upon request.

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