Why I Hate Global Warming (by Karin Lauria)

In honor of Blog Action Day, I’m starting a list of the things I hate about global warming (besides the fact that it threatens most life on this planet). I’ll add more as I think of them.

Things I hate about global warming:

  • Mowing my lawn later into the year
  • Finding ticks on my dogs in December
  • 90 degree days in October
  • The possibility that one day, I’ll be able to see the ocean from my front steps (I’m 30 miles from the coast)
  • The possibility that my insurance company will one day cancel my homeowner’s policy (see above bullet and this article from the New York Times)
  • Daffodils done blooming by February
  • Mom reminiscing about the old days when it snowed (I mean really snowed)
  • Less need for heavy sweaters
  • Bickering over how much of it is human caused, as if there are no moral reasons for caring about animals and nature
  • People who say “It’s nothing that science can’t find the solution for!”
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One Response to Why I Hate Global Warming (by Karin Lauria)

  1. daisuke says:

    i hate global warming too. im a winter person and with all this talk about shorter winters and less snow, im freaking out. i like wearing sweaters so im pretty pissed that global warming is making me leave my favorite sweater in the back of my closet more. i really miss the days when it was cold when it was SUPPOSED to be cold and it was hot when it was SUPPOSED to be hot. so, i just hope (dear god help us), that global warming can change its course (that is if WE can change it’s course). the kids today don’t want to wake up the next morning when their adults with water rising in front of their doorsteps because the older generation were having fun driving their dumb SUV’s!!!! i mean really, who needs to drive an SUV that’s over-priced, runs 14mpg, takes up so much space when it comes to parking, and emits so much CO2 into our atmosphere?!

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