The Patriot Update

Researching the intolerant right on the net has taken me to some interesting sites. One I recently came across is The Patriot Update. It bills itself as a free press for the conservative revolution. I am not exactly sure what that means, as its extreme views on public policy may be thought to sidle up towards hate groups like the Patriot Movement.

Still, it is a slick and relatively substantive production mixing conservative interpretations of news and public policy. It also features a set of well made political videos, including this one featuring an adorable kid critiquing Obama.

After the ad runs its course, youll see a series of fun bloopers the kid makes during filming. Viewing them together makes a nice juxtaposition between the child-like message of the spot, and the sophisticate manner in which policy groups of all stripes attempt to frame issues.

I would be laughing longer if I did not think someone, somewhere was taking this video seriously.

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  1. John says:

    Of course, the hypocritical Democrats and Liberals are pure as the driven snow.

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